Pipe leakage might sound like a small problem, but overtime, the leaking can be out of hand if it is not fix immediately. Even small droplets of water can lead up to an amount equivalent to a shower. So, it is better to fix those small leakage as soon as possible, save water and money too. 

It is hard to detect leakage at its early stage, unless the water is visible. Hence, before you buy or renovating a new house, it is better to know some causes of water leaks, and prevent them in the future. As people often say, prevention is better than cure. Here are some causes that you can keep an eye out for. And prevention tips for use.


Rusting or other corrosion.

As your plumbing system ages, corrosion like rust and other forms can disrupt your pipes. If you see any discolouration on your pipes, you can think about changing them into a newer one as to prevent any future leak. You can also call a professional to look at your piping and let them advise you on the proper fittings for your piping system. Since there are many types of fittings available, from copper to carbon steel fittings, Unitrade is one of the supplier that can advise you on fittings in Malaysia.


Carbon steel fittings malaysia


Loose connectors to the water supply.

Overtime, the pipes that connect your water supply to your appliances can become loose and create a water leak. Loose water connections, mainly caused by the shifting of pipes and hose, is the common cause of leaks. To overcome this problem, you need to quickly fix the connectors if you find any puddle under the water supply line. 


carbon steel fittings malaysia

Ageing pipe joints are easily damaged.

Usually, where your pipe links are the weakest points in your piping system. Hence, ageing pipe joints can be easily damage and cause leaks. Sadly, pipe joints are hardly visible. Thus, it is important to understand not only the piping and drainage system, but the pipe and fittings that you use for your house. Choosing the right fittings for your home is important to make the pipe last longer without any unwanted leaks. You can seek professional help such as Unitrade on the proper carbon steel fittings in Malaysia


Whether you want to put a water feature in your garden or just renovating your bathroom, you still have to keep an eye out for these common causes of water leaks. This is to ensure you have a preventing measure on whatever problem that you’ll face in the future. 

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