Multi level marketing, or MLM, is one of the many businesses that receive a huge benefit during the coronavirus pandemic. As many people are staying inside of their homes financially struggling to make ends meet, they are desperately looking for ways to generate income to live through the pandemic. The MLM business receives a lot of popularity because of the nature of MLM; people are recruited as distributors for the company and they are in charge of selling the products, which helps the company to generate revenue as commissions based on the number of sales made by their distributors. Unlike a normal job, distributors do not have to wear formal outfits and drive to an office. Instead, they are able to sell the products in their pajamas at home. This is a great opportunity for most people as they can generate income easily without putting a lot of effort.


Due to its massive surge in popularity, MLM companies will have difficulties in maintaining communications and keeping up-to-date with their distributors and customers. MLM software is created to help MLM companies to overcome any issue that they will face. These mlm softwares offers a variety of tools and functionalities that will help MLM companies solve any occurring issue and adapt to any future issues they will face. One of its greatest features is the ability to act as a communication platform as it allows distributors and customers to communicate more efficiently. The software also allows users to change the colors of their contact, which allows them to recognize certain groups almost instantly. Additionally, it acts as backup storage to contain any important documents. Users are also able to upload reports to allow the higher-ups to read about the progress made of each individual and group. The software also provides a convenient way for users to create compensation plans such as Matrix Plan, Gift Plan and Binary Plan in addition to allowing users to create their own. Although there is no “best MLM software”, it depends on which MLM software you think is the best for your business and how comfortable you are with their tools and services. 


Although the MLM business sounds like a lazy man’s dream job, why is it not as popular as the other businesses? That is because it is one of the most frowned upon businesses in the world. There are many MLM companies that would use unethical business practices to force their distributors to pay a lot of money for something that would’ve cost significantly much less. Additionally, the pandemic provides a perfect opportunity for illegal MLM companies to prey on people who are financially vulnerable with enticing promises, such as earning enough money to buy a 2-story bungalow or an expensive car within 5 years. In reality, MLM is not the best way to generate income as distributors would only receive a quarter of what they use to spend. 

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