Live Casino Online is the number one most popular game these days and it is still rising in popularity. With Online Live Casino Gaming, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, players no longer need to travel to the casino just to try their luck on their favorite slots and table games. These online casino platforms may have an even larger selection of casino games compared to a real-life casino. In the comfort of your home, you can play your favorite table games online.

Today, live dealer games are the hottest as the action of these classics is actually controlled by a real-life dealer, instead of a Random Number Generators (RNG) that could be hacked easily. Furthermore, the excitement and tension when playing a live is just incomparable with playing regular online casino games that may have visible patterns and lack of humane interaction.


Authentic Atmosphere 

Live dealer games create an authentic atmosphere that is similar to physical casino scenes and replicate the pleasant and heart-thumping feeling for players, even without leaving the comfort of their homes. These games are filmed at a studio that have an eye-catching design and even tables set up to replicate a land-based casino scene.

Cameras are also strategically placed to ensure all action is captured in all angles. Normally, three camera angles are placed to provide:


  1. Wide angle in front of the dealer, game, table and a designed backdrop
  2. Direct view of the dealer
  3. Zoomed view of the action on the table


Players would be able to get all the action of the whole entire game. Besides, a built-in optical character recognition is also provided to make it easier for players to understand what is happening throughout the game. Normally, the footage would be recorded at 200 fps – allowing players to see the cards and roulette ball perfectly.

Live dealers are also professionally trained. Interaction with the players are done throughout the games – in order to make the casino scene as real as possible. Players would be able to join the game at any time, anywhere.


Mobile Experience

In the past, mobile gamers were unable to enjoy the live casino revolution. However, as technology continues to evolve, most developers of online live casino games are increasingly prioritizing mobile compatibility. Today, players are able to join online casino games wherever and whenever. These mobile casino applications contain great features similar to the desktop counterparts which includes interaction with dealers, observing action on the table and even placing bets.


Trust Between Players and Dealers 

A majority of players would prefer their stakes to be handled by a real person instead of an automated machine. Even though these games may be online, players would still feel more connected and in a way, the game will feel more human.  


The Future of Live Casino 

It is predicted that augmented and virtual reality will be introduced and enhance the live dealer games market. Many leaders of the online gambling market are already investing in the research and development of the technology.