What Is a Temperature Controller

PID or temperature controllers are typically found in systems where the consumer is trying to monitor temperature or establish situations where the temperature increases or falls depending on specified parameters. PID and temperature regulators are also used in manufacturing applications such as ovens, massive baked goods factories, injection molding (plastics), and melting applications.

How Does It Work?

The controller may usually receive feedback from a temperature sensor, such as an RTD or a thermocouple. The sensor would then show a digital reading of its temperature difference and trigger on / off intervals at a given fixed point to attain the optimum temperature.


The Perks of Using a Temperature Controller

There are a range of incentives that PMC can provide to monitor the heating or refrigeration cycle. PMC delivers temperature controller programming, with this process temperature controllers may: 

  • Eliminate human error which can occur when attempting to manually control temperatures
    • Sometimes humans can make mistakes that will lead to inaccuracies and accidents. 
  • Allow saving time
    • Time is more manageable as these controllers are all automatic
  • Minimisation of costs
    • Bills will be lessen as there will not be much maintenance will be required when using these controllers
  • Automatise the process from beginning to finish
    • Employees will not have to dwell too much on this controllers as they will handle everything from the very start until the end of the process

When your goal is to: a temperature control system may be the best choice for your application 

  • Have better control over the temperature of the operation
    • These controllers knows when is the exact time and temperature for the goods to be at
  • Regule the method of heating or cooling
    •  Constant regulation of controlling the temperature allows the operation to be done smoothly
  • Saving cash as well as time
    • Less cost will be made as everything is managed automatically and does not require much maintenance.