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K-Drama explores more than just romantic plots and intense action sequences; rather, many series such as Children of Nobody, Solomon’s Perjury and Save Me shows the rising trend of touching serious issues like child abuse, cult and school bullying. In 2018, a particular series presses the issue of education upon children which threatens a child’s trust in their parents and causes a rift between them over grades and reputation.

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The ‘SKY’ from SKY Castle comes from an abbreviation of the top three prestigious Korean universities; Seoul National University (SNU), Korea University and Yonsei University whereas ‘Castle’ is but a sign of upper class’s gracious lifestyle to hide the darkness of education and statuses within its walls. To save face and acquire power is everything for the families consisting of doctors and lawyers, and they do whatever it takes to continue their ambition’s legacy to which they thrust upon their children to compete with their peers.

Housewife and mother Han Seo-jin set her daughter Ye-SEO with a coordinator named Kim Ju Yeong to gain access for her easy enrollment into SNU’s medical school, but that soon refutes their mother-daughter relationship as Ye-SEO trusts the coordinator more than her own mother. This brought light to the blackness of saving reputation as the children depicted in the show acted insolence and disrespect against their parents out of extreme academic circumstances of their home, to the point that one of the female characters fakes her admission to Harvard University to satisfy her father’s ego until he found out about the fraud; hence she questions whether her father’s love is because of her educational worth or something for him to boast about and not a familial love.

The drama also screened a sincere love of a parent for her children. Despite her lawyer husband who pressured their twin sons to be at the top of the pyramid (a metaphor used to visualize the father’s desire) and compete with each other, No Seung-Hye is the only mother in SKY Castle who loves her children unconditionally regardless of their grades. Her different view on education, albeit clashes with her husband’s, builds her sons’ trust and recognizes her motherly love as a true one.

SKY Castle represents children’s doubts about their parent’s love whether it is genuine or personal benefit. What attracts the show are the outcomes of the parents’ actions forced upon their children, such as running away from home and suicides, referring to the high suicide rates among adolescents in Korea due to school and studies. The deep fissures of nowadays society depicted in SKY Castle teach viewers the dreadful consequences of a parent taking advantage of their children for their desires and selfishness. Viewers can empathize with the characters as they can relate to the stress of expectations. Though both sides have different views; children think they own them and parents think their children are ungrateful for all they provide. Nevertheless, parents should not treat them as mere belongings and learn that, as a father and a mother, their role is to give attention and affection to their children physically and mentally, whereas children must respect and trust their parents as well as using their right to speak up to their parents whenever there is a disagreement between them for a mutual understanding.

It’s a win-win situation for a harmonic family who matters less about wealth and statuses.

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