Science and technology is the first productive force. In the long history of mankind, the birth of new inventions has changed the face of the world; Edison invented the electric light and filled the world with light; the emergence of the QR code has opened up a new era of payment, and an important way to promote a better life for people in the increasingly innovative means of science and technology. The highest level of technology is the ability to pass on the culture of a country or nation.

The progress of science and technology changes people’s cultural activities. The progress of science and technology has invariably changed people’s way of life, people from the previous single entertainment activities to the current young generation, export drops to travel to call a car or share a bike or car, all to facilitate people’s life, watching movies with friends, online table booking, playing VR games, enriching people’s entertainment life, such as the current sweep code payment, face payment is an innovation of the entire payment era. The development of science and technology has changed people’s way of life and thus their cultural activities. Science and technology have also improved the level of economic development in countries, and the per capita economic development has also increased, and science and technology have given people a sensual expression in humanities, art and beauty, bringing us sweeping changes. For example, the innovative automation company, Elcomp, who specialise in patlite distributor malaysia has presented a way of merging such science and technology in Malaysia.

Advances in science and technology have facilitated cultural innovation in business. The current technological advances have led to the maturation of major business models and cultural innovation has become a winning formula for companies to gain a high level of social attention, whether they can conform to the current trendy direction, whether they can be attracted by popular causes and whether they can become a popular form of entertainment. 

Today, in the midst of social transformation, traditional culture and modern technology collide fiercely and gradually merge, and in this collision and fusion, each takes on a new life. Technology has given traditional culture its scientific identity and creativity. Technology is the first productive force and a powerful driving force for economic development, while the spirit of science and technology, including scientific thinking, scientific attitudes and scientific values, has profoundly influenced people’s lifestyles and traditional culture. Under the condition of science and technology, the traditional excellent culture has a new creative vitality through the cultivation and compatibility of modern science and technology, which not only contains the new achievements of modern science and technology, but also guides the continuous innovation and development of the national culture under the condition of modern science and technology, and perpetuates its vitality and vigour. To give full play to the advantages of science and technology and to transform traditional culture is the only way to keep traditional culture alive.

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