Clothing is one of the oldest industries on the planet. However, today, just a few companies in the apparel manufacturing industry have achieved worldwide leadership. In the apparel sector, new trends and textiles emerged all over the world. Only a handful of companies have become famous throughout the world and are now among the world’s best-selling products. Let’s say you want to meet custom website developers in Malaysia, you can consider these brands when choosing clothes to wear for the meeting. 


  • Armani

This well-known company’s brand value is estimated to be $3.1 billion. Armani is known for its exquisite tailoring, splendour, and outstanding dressing. This brand’s most devoted customers are Hollywood celebrities. The Armani brand is well-versed in the creation of suits. Their clothes will be made of fine fabrics. The most expensive apparel under this brand is Emporio and Exchange. Perfumes, leather purses and belts, spectacles, shoes, and other materials are all produced by them. 


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  • Zara

In 1985, Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera created Inditex in Spain. The company’s primary headquarters are located in Arteixo, Spain. Zara is the company’s most well-known brand, although it also has other brands under its umbrella. Zara is known for quickly inventing new products based on customer feedback and manufacturing them. These products are available in less than a month, and they do not follow the seasons in terms of fashion and trends. Among the most popular clothing brands, there is a one-of-a-kind method. They operate over 7000 outlets in 93 countries throughout the world.


  • Valentino

Valentino Garavani is the designer of this renowned label, which he founded in 1960 after living as an apprentice in Paris. His distinctive Valentino RED is what sets him apart from the rest of the fashion world. This company, which primarily caters to women, was purchased by Qatar in 2012 for 700 million Euros through Mayhoola for Investments S.P.C.


  • Prada

It is an Italian luxury fashion brand that specialises in leather purses, travel items, shoes, ready-to-wear, fragrances, and other fashion accessories. It was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. Its brand name comes from the founder. It has a brand value of 4,716 million dollars.


  • Fendi

This company’s entire brand value is around $3.5 billion. The company was founded by Paola Fendi. In the year 1925, the company was founded. Fendi is known for producing high-end clothing, as well as purses and other accessories. Baguette is a handbag series that was first released in 1997. This business also has an atelier. Fendi maintains its high standards by keeping its designs current in the fashion world. This corporation is owned by LVMH. 


  • H&M

Hennes & Mauritz AB is a multinational clothing brand with over 62 locations worldwide. Erling Presson created the company in Sweden in 1947. Stefan Persson, Erling’s son, is currently Chairman, whereas Karl-Johan Persson, Erling’s son, is the CEO of H&M. In 1968, Persson purchased store Mauritz Widforss, resulting in the formation of H&M from its forerunner Hennes. There are 4553 stores globally as of August 31, 2017.