Install a reliable water feature.

A remarkable water feature can instantly become your outdoor space’s main point of interest. Whether you want to put a bird bath or garden fountain, a unique element in your garden can bring about sophistication and relaxation. Water features are also good investments, most especially if you are in a place with very limited water.

Install a picket fence.

Do you know that you can make your front yard even more captivating by installing a picket fence? Choose flowering plants of varying colors, and then plant them along the fence. Different colors against a white fence can create an awesome welcome to your home. If you think you need help when it comes to this, feel free to reach out to an exterior and interior design firm in Malaysia.

Use potted plants.

Potted plants are highly flexible and low maintenance. These may appear like simple elements that will do nothing on your design, but potted plants can actually provide your outdoor space with a pop of color. In order to make a remarkable impact, choose flowering plants which perfectly match the season.

Light up your garden walkways.

Your entire garden must be beautiful both during night time and daytime. This is where great outdoor lighting and design come in. Believe it or not, lighting is a crucial element in your landscape design. With good landscape lighting, you can make every element in your garden stant out from the rest.

Add layers with planters and baskets.

For those who want to provide their gardens “extra layers” of visual interest, consider using baskets and planters that offer more mobility and versatility. Try raising the plants higher to produce a stunning view. Some plants really enjoy the aeration that planters provide.