What is a landscape design plan?

A landscape design plan just like a floor plan, but for an outdoor space. Just like floor plans, this one produces a visual representation of an area using scaled dimensions.

Landscape design plans include elements such as grass, trees and flowers, as well as different man-made elements like sheds, fountains and furniture pieces. If you want the area complete with good garden irrigation and lighting, work with an interior design firm in Malaysia for excellent results.

Whether you are planning repairs, or a new layout for your home or office garden, you can use a landscape design plan to thoroughly set every detail. Since everything is on paper, it can give you better tools for budget estimation.

Make an outline.

Every landscape plan starts with an overview of the landscape area. Consider this as an outline, where you can different elements. This can be challenging due to the nature of the outdoor area, so the design must only illustrate the space subject to landscaping. Don’t forget to draw the boundaries of the area.

Add existing features.

Add slopes, poles, buildings, waterways, rocks or any element that can’t be moved during the entire landscaping process. Make sure to utilize the correct colors and symbols, since these can help in imagining the entire area.

Produce ground cover, if necessary.

Fill in the entire area with the right kinds of groundcover (like asphalt or grass). For a more accurate depiction of the areas, apply textures.

Add new landscape design elements.

Draw in stairs and walkways. Add plant life like flowers, trees and shrubbery. If you want, you can also add sheds, pools, lawn furniture, buildings, fountains and gazebos.

Look through landscape plan templates.

The most effective approach to understand landscape planning is to look into examples of landscape designs and plans.