You might have clicked into this article expecting to see ships or a discussion about vessel chartering in Malaysia or something similar. Unfortunately, for the ship enthusiasts, we’ll be talking about celebrity relationships. Not just any celebrity relationships, the best of the best that make us go “aww” and create hope that there is someone out there for you.

Speaking of having someone out there, it’s okay if you have not found the right person for you yet. It’s totally normal and you do not have to compare yourself to other people, be it your friends or celebrities. You can follow your own pace. You cannot rush love, it just happens. I could spend all day listing cliché quotes about love but at the end of the day, they’re all true. So follow your own pace and one day you will stumble upon it. That’s why it’s called falling in love. 

Thus, let’s see the beautiful couples that people always look up to:

Barack & Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle are one of the world’s greatest couples. Going strong since 1989 where they first met as mentor and mentee. Barack just started working at a law firm at the time and Michelle was assigned as his mentor. After a month of knowing each other, Barack asked her on a date. She refused, saying it was completely tacky. But then, she eventually accepted his advances and their first date went swimmingly. They went on to date and soon married in 1992. Then, in 2008, Barack Obama was named 44th president of The United States. He got reelected in 2012 and went on for another four years before stepping down in 2017. Even after he left the White House, they are still going strong until today. 

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

The classic dumb, funny husband paired with the smart and sophisticated wife. Well, Blake Lively has her funny moments too but honestly, this pairing just complement each other so well. They met in 2010 and have been going strong to this day. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married two years after they met, in 2012, and they now have three beautiful children. I think people love this couple so much because Reynolds is funny and all the characters he’s played were very favourable. The same goes for Lively, actually. They’re just both very good at what they do and people love seeing them together. 

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Ah, a relationship for the ages. They met on a blind date, introduced by a mutual friend and immediately hit it off. Meghan and Prince Harry instantly connected and the Royal Prince stated that he knew that she was the one “the very first time we met”. It’s cliché but hey, turned out to be true since they are one of the most honoured couples in the royal family. Once they started dating, they had around 5 to 6 months of privacy before word got out. Soon, she met the family, they announced the engagement and this is still the relationship a lot of people look up to.