Investing on a watch is a crucial decision. Regardless of whether you are operating on a big or small budget, you would want to end up with one that you can use for a long time. A good timepiece is something you can wear constantly for many years. Are you thinking of buying designer watches in Malaysia? Whether it is that you want, take your time in researching and picking the right one. Here are some of your options.

Automatic Watch

Also called a self-winding watch, an automatic timepiece is quite different to an analog one, though it shows the same details with an hour, minute and second hand. Basically, it is built to work on its own. It has a rotor delivering energy to the body of the watch. There is no need to put batteries to keep it going. The watch depends on classic mechanisms that go back centuries in order to keep the piece going.

Smart Watch

A smartwatch is more than just a simple watch that tells time. It is a wearable piece of technology that you can sync with your daily routine. If you want to take a closer look on your health on a regular basis, get a smartwatch. It is designed to monitor your heart rate, sleep and steps. Just like your smartphone, it features a touchscreen interface that needs to be charged.

Analog Watch

Do you want to get a timepiece that looks exactly like old-school watches? You would surely love the performance and look of an analog watch. This is the ultimate classic watch that looks perfect with a genuine leather strap.

Digital Watch

If you want to look at numbers of the watch’s screen, go for a digital watch. It displays the minute and hour, and at times the second, on the face along with a light-up display. The look would be very different compared to an analog timepiece, but is very easy to look at.