You could be in the spirit for a sophisticated drama, a complex fantastical series, boyband documentaries or a scary true-crime thriller on some other weekend. But what about this Saturday and Sunday? You’re in desperate need of a rest. Some television shows are mental comfort snacks, the ideal antidote to a stressful and difficult week working on network marketing software. It’s even great if your choice is small enough to finish in a few hours. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest comfort television programmes has to provide to assist you to select what relaxing series to watch while you relax. Here are some of the comforting television shows you should watch.


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  • The Office

To put it another way, how far down on the list did you really think I’d have to go to get in this? It’s one of the funniest series ever filmed, and it’s infinitely rewatchable. While the early seasons are the greatest, the entire show is just the kind of comfort meal that has earned it one of Netflix‘s best choices for years, and it’s going to be losing it to NBC’s streaming platform soon enough, so enjoy it while you still can.


  • A World of Calm

Once you can hear Oscar Isaac talk about noodles, who needs a therapist? Through breathtaking visuals and commentary by celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Keanu Reeves, this documentary series, created in cooperation with the Calm app, is supposed to balance your chakra, reduce blood pressure, and cool you out. Each episode tackles a different subject — Lucy Liu talks about coral reefs, Priyanka Chopra Jones talks about chocolate — and the results are powerful if the spectator is prepared to pay attention, sit in the dark, and settle in.


  • Emily in Paris

In this sitcom from the Sex and the City creator, Lily Collins plays the titular American in Paris. Emily in Paris may not set your world on fire, but if you’re looking for the kind of delight that only over-the-top clothes, breathtaking scenery, and implausible stories can provide, it could be just what you’re looking for this weekend.


  • High Score

The Netflix documentary series High Score will appeal to children who grew up playing video games in the 1980s and 1990s, but it also has a lot to offer today’s gamers (or anybody intrigued in technology and narrative). This captivating presentation explores this revolutionary age, from the peak of arcade games through the invention of 3D graphics. It’s also narrated by Charles Martinet—Mario that’s the plumber to you—for added realism.


  • Parks and Recreation

And you can’t talk about The Office without mentioning Parks and Recreation, which began as a copy but developed into something much more, and so many individuals will argue that it’s the better show. Leslie Knope’s positive influence and belief in the ability of local government to assist individuals feels especially timely at this time.


  • Girlfriends

This trailblazing comedy aired on UPN and the CW for eight seasons and represented Black women’s friendship in a way that had never been seen before or since. Persia White, Jill Marie Jones,  Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Marie Jones, Persia White, as well as Golden Brooks feature as four accomplished friends dealing with good times and bad times. It was produced by Mara Brock Akil, a prolific producer, and is ready for rediscovery now that it’s available on Netflix in honour of its 20th anniversary (and Brock Akil’s new Netflix agreement).