Having a brand logo is one of the most important steps to follow whenever we need to promote our business. The creativity of designing a logo can help build your brand’s identity to make it recognizable among your consumers. You can seek any branding agency Malaysia to help you with your business profile design and trust them to their process and make it reputable to the globe.

Here are 6 brands with creative logo that makes people remember: 


creative logo

Everyone’s loving it! McDonald’s is one of the most well-known innovative restaurant food logos, with its golden arches serving as a distinguishing feature with the yellow color representing the raw energy of young individuals. What is sweet about this franchise is the color is also the color of sunshine, which represents hope. Whatever the branding agency is, it has its smarts of things.


Not only does it look expensive, but it is also a unique logo design that surpasses many other coffee shops. The Starbucks logo is often regarded as one of the most inventive business logos. It is a famous business emblem, and consumers all over the world are familiar with the company’s coffee beverage industry. Ask anyone walking on the streets or your colleagues at a branding company and you will never find a single person who does not know what Starbucks is. That is just how popular the renowned coffee shops are.


Less is more, and Apple products further prove that even the simplest design can sell a ton of luxuries. The popular brand revolves around its minimalist logo design which represents its rich yet quality digital products, especially their iPhone and Macbooks which many across the globe have owned. The logo is now well-known for its simple and elegant appearance. It features a half-bitten apple, which represents the electronic world’s byte. This design, which is scalable and versatile, is made up of a simple but lovely shape of an apple.


The sizzling taste of the cola will leave you to remember and give you an unforgettable experience! Pepsi is a well-known cola drink brand around the world where everyone and anyone will always be familiar with its logo due to its overwhelming presence, even the logo contributed to the popularity too! Pepsi logos stand out as one of the best logos due to their distinctive color scheme and design. The logo is styled like a soft drink bottle cap with the colors red, white, and blue are used to convey the idea of celebration and joy. It is so famous that people do not even bother to read the brand’s name to recognize it, just depend on the logo itself and they would know it is, in fact, Pepsi.


This swoosh logo is among the finest logos due to its clean and minimalistic design style. Just a simple swoosh and it is enough to scoop customers to buy their products. Now synonymous with the company’s name, the sports shoe manufacturer corporation has a trustworthy name in markets around the world due to its instantly recognized style.